Oblates of Saint Benedict


Renewal Of Oblation

All Oblates who do not have the occasion to renew their Oblation at Saint Vincent or with local deaneries are encouraged to make their renewals privately on or about the Solemnity of Saint Benedict and to send a completed renewal form  to the Oblate Office. It is helpful to know of your ongoing, active interest in the Oblate Program and your personal growth in Benedictine spirituality.

Those wishing to make donations may write out checks to Saint Vincent Archabbey.

Also, if you are an Oblate novice who is not involved in a deanery and have not contacted the Archabbey for several years, please use the renewal form to express your interest in the Oblate Program. In particular, if you have been an Oblate novice for over a year, please remember that you are eligible to become a full Oblate if you fulfill the requirements in II.E of the Oblate Formation Booklet. In any case, it would be good to know if we can help you in any way on your journey as an Oblate / Oblate novice. Also, if you are an inquirer on our temporary mailing list and are no longer interested in receiving this newsletter, please let us know.

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