Oblates of Saint Benedict


Mentoring Program and Prayer-Partner Program

The Mentoring Program for guiding inquirers and Oblate novices in Benedictine spirituality is in need of volunteers to serve as mentors. If you would like to mentor in this way or if you are an inquirer or an Oblate novice who would like to have an Oblate mentor, please contact 305makaufman@gmail.com.

Those who offer to be mentors receive a booklet of guidelines. Also, if you would like to have another Oblate or Oblate novice as a prayer-partner, please contact Oblate John Hudock, who is now in charge of the Prayer-Partner Program, at jshudock@verizon.net. If you would like to have a monk as a prayer-partner, please contact Father Donald or Father Joachim at the Oblate Office. Also, if you are a mentor and would like guidance and support from other mentors, please contact the Oblate Office.

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