Good Witness in the New Testament

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Good Witness in the New Testament

Of course, real evangelization does not take place until after
the coming of Christ, and particularly after His Death and Resurrection,
since the Paschal mystery is the central content
of the “Good News” which is proclaimed
when Christians

The New Testament offers us a host of people,
sometimes unnamed, who cooperate with God’s plan in Christ,
and thus also proclaim Christ in powerful ways, even before
the first Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

At the beginning of Our Lord’s life, the Magi are moved
to offer their precious gifts (and to offer themselves) to the Messiah
King and then heed God’s message in a dream not to return to King Herod.
The “different route” that they take after leaving Nazareth is
a symbol of the new way that is to be followed by all who have
deeply encountered the humble God made Man
. We also have the
unnamed shepherds, who respond to the angel’s message
and, after visiting the Infant, give an amazing report to the people
of their region.

At the end of Our Lord’s earthly life, we
see Joseph of Arimathea, who is bold enough to approach
Pontius Pilate for the body of Jesus and is generous enough to
lay it “in his own new tomb” (Mt 27: 60). It is edifying, too, to
read about the boy who brings to Jesus “five barley loaves and
a couple of dried fish” (Jn 6:9) so that He can multiply them to
feed a crowd of five thousand men. May we with similar
generosity surrender our possessions and our lives to Our Lord
so that He can put them to use for His marvelous divine
purposes !

We hear in particular about the strong witness of St. Peter,
St. Paul, St. Mary Magdalene, and the disciples on the road to Emmaus
Both in prison and out of prison, both to large crowds and to
individuals, the Apostles have the courage to proclaim Christ
and to defy the young Church’s opponents with charity, with
patience, and with amazing zeal.

In the peace of Christ and Saint Benedict,

Fr. Donald S. Raila, O.S.B.,
Director of Oblates

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