Presentation on Benedictine Spirituality

03/18/18 3:00PM - 5:00PM

Brother Hugh Lester, O.S.B., “Stability in Benedictine Spirituality,” Sunday March 18;

Forthcoming talks:
Brother Albert Gahr, O.S.B., “Stewardship and Sustainability in Benedictine Spirituality,” Sunday, April 15;
Brother Martinho Zevallos, O.S.B., Sunday, May 20;
Father Pio Adamonis, O.S.B., Sunday, June 10;
Father Nathan Munsch, O.S.B., “Liturgy of the Hours,” Sunday, July 15;
Brother Dominic Leo, O.S.B., “Obedience in Benedictine Spirituality,” Sunday, August 19;
Father Jeremiah Lange, O.S.B., “Poverty and Simplicity in Benedictine Spirituality,” Sunday, September 16;
Brother Placid Sellers, O.S.B., Sunday, October 21;
Father Justin Nolan, O.S.B., “Everyday Spirituality,” Sunday, November 18.
The talks take place in the Brownfield Center on campus as part of the regular schedule of Oblate meetings at 3 p.m. Following the talks, Oblates are invited to pray Sunday vespers with the Benedictines.
Oblates or others wishing to purchase DVDs of the talks can visit the Saint Vincent College Bookstore.