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Oblate Talks Available

Talks given at Oblate meetings in Latrobe (when the presenter is willing and when someone is available to videotape) will be made available to those who desire to have copies. DVDs are $6 each and CDs are $3.50 each. Add $4.95 per postage per order.  Talks thus far include Brother Albert’s talk on the Liturgy of the Hours; Father Cyprian’s talk on the revised translation of the Mass; Father Boniface’s talk on poverty and simplicyt; Father Killian’s talk on holiness and Benedictine spirituality; Father Robert’s talk on lectio divina; Father Justin’s talk on conversion of the heart and Father Bonaventure’s talk on obedience.

Orders can be made from the Saint Vincent Book Center online at http://bookstore.stvincent.edu/.

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