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Oblates of Saint Benedict are Christian men and women who choose to associate themselves with a religious community of  Benedictine Monks in order to strengthen their baptismal commitment and enrich their Christian way of life. Oblates do not take vows or live in a monastery. They continue to live in the world while they strive eagerly to live out the values of the Gospel.

New November 2020 issue of the Oblate Newsletter !
Father Vincent de Paul Crosby, O.S.B., recently spoke on “Work” to the Oblates.

Father Ignatius Camello, O.S.B., recently spoke on prayer to the Oblates.

Father Cyprian Constantine, O.S.B., addresses “The Liturgy of the Hours.”

And Father Michael Antonacci, O.S.B., spoke “On Stability” in May.

Cyber Deanery—Please visit our cyber deanery. You need a yahoo email account to be able to join the cyber deanery. Oblates who live too far from meeting locations can have a deanery online. For details email tmgeorge.oblate@gmail.com.